I’m lying in bed trying to pass the time until I have a procedure at 4 pm today. The procedure is to help with the pain around my liver. They go through my back which help the nerves in my tummy not go to my Liver.


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I do not want to go into how awful a day yesterday was, so I won’t.

But, just a few minutes ago I asked my very sweet nurse, Grace, who my nurse would be today. After I told her the reason for my concern from yesterday, she took my hand, very gently in hers, looked me in the eye and apologized for what happened yesterday.

Now, that is the true meaning of Grace.

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6 treatments down…

=hard stuff
The mask is creepy looking, that’s why keep my eyes closed until it’s over… Saying Laura G’s mantra….”healing in, cancer blow out”. Every morning she reminds me….


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Day 3

My loving husband Ange is with me again today… Thank god!!!! Believe it or not we hardly get time to spend together, so having this hour, hour 1/2 really means a lot to us.

Love to all of you…


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2nd Radiation in 24 HRS

Having radiation at 7pm last night and again at 9:30am this morning is a bit much for me and luckily I don’t have to repeat that timing again. Thank Goodness!! All new times going forward should be around 9-10 each day!!

My team that I have met so far are fabulous, and 1 of them was even part of my first radiation team..

The mask is very tight and I had to have them remove it at the very
beginning because I got so freaked out. They adjusted it, (it still hurt, but much better) unfortunately, ,my claustrophobia definitely gets in the way!!!

My sister arrived this morning right before started which was great for some extra love and support!

I got settled in on the enormous radiation table and held as still as I possibly could. Each turn of switch I could smell a little bit of burning flesh. EWEWEWEEEE!!!!!!


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10.10.11 @ 7 pm

Yesterday Ange, Mom, Dad and myself were told that I need whole brain irradiation. Basically, this means 12 days instead of 1, and does not make me happy. The tumor in the front is pushing on my brain and there appears to be a few little suspicious markings along the way that reinforce there decision of treating the entire brain.(see attached image)

Unfortunately, my first appt. is @7 pm. tonight. I’m hoping that they will tell us tonight that my appts. are in the morning going forward.

Please keep your fingers crossed.


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The doorbell rang and the person at the door said he had a flower delivery..The young gentlemen came to the door with the most beautiful arrangement from someone I don’t even know..

The card read..
Dear Jen,
I’ve been following your blog and thought you can use some cheering up. You inspire me every day and you are always in my prayers. Please continuing stay strong, God Bless.

I cried..and am very grateful..


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