Loving Laura

Woke up at 6 am at the sound of my dear husbands alarm clock to make sure I take my morning pills. Unfortunately, I have to take the heaping number with food. So I searched for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, (my sister, Laura told me just yesterday it was new to Netflix ” Watch Instantly”) became inspired by her breakfast outside Tiffany’s, and made myself some toast with jam, drank down the pills, and crawled back in bed with my belly pull of pills, toast and jam in front of me, delicious husband next to me and my new Teddy Bear, Tammy (given to me by my sweet nurse, Cynthia) and named by my darling niece, Victoria.

So this is where I lay… with Ange, Tammy, and Holly GoLightly..


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13 Responses to Loving Laura

  1. Jen thanks for sharing you put a smile on my face before I head back to bed knowing that today is a better day for all of you filled love and smiles. I am also not ashamed to admit that Melissa has her lil Gorilla named Gigi and I have a Curious George monkey I sleep with 🙂 thanks for the smiles
    With Love and hugs full of healing,
    M&M Swafford

  2. Anne M. says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s is P.J.’s favorite movie. Who would have thought? It sounds like you are having a good morning. It’s not even 8:00 and Piper is dancing to Hannah Montana! Love ya and see ya soon!
    Anne M.

  3. Dianna Kamp says:

    I work a couple of blocks away from the house where Holly lives in the movie – the block hasn’t changed which is really neat….love that movie! So glad you are having a peaceful morning…

  4. barbara says:

    Now that is good day!

  5. Katie Chery says:

    A great way to start the day and the sun is out smiling down on you, Ange, Holly GoLightly, and Tammy. And I’m smiling at you all from a distance! Xxxooo

    P.S. You’re eyes are even prettier than Audrey’s!

  6. Katie Chery says:

    I meant “your” by the way. 🙂

  7. Sasha says:


  8. lu says:

    that makes me smile. thanks. i love you

  9. Alicia says:

    And today you have put a smile on my face. Love you so very much! Xo

  10. You inspire me…thank you. I’m happy you enjoyed your moment…

  11. Alyce says:

    Grandma Wise always said that you look like Audrey Hepburn. Gramda has been on my mind a lot lately. I know she is doing all she can for you from where she is. We all miss her, but she gave us so many good memories…mostly things that will make us smile or even laugh outloud. Mike and I were just talking about her and he had tears in his eyes. In her own quiet way, she did so much for all of us. Glad you could have that fun moment this morning…love your teddy bear. I’m sure she brings you comfort. Thinking of you and Ange and praying for you, too.

  12. Nancy says:

    “The best thing to hold on to in life is each other” – Audrey Hepburn. Xoxo

  13. Danielle Robertson says:

    What a great post! You’re such a good writer, dubbs. Thinking of you xoxo.


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