2nd Radiation in 24 HRS

Having radiation at 7pm last night and again at 9:30am this morning is a bit much for me and luckily I don’t have to repeat that timing again. Thank Goodness!! All new times going forward should be around 9-10 each day!!

My team that I have met so far are fabulous, and 1 of them was even part of my first radiation team..

The mask is very tight and I had to have them remove it at the very
beginning because I got so freaked out. They adjusted it, (it still hurt, but much better) unfortunately, ,my claustrophobia definitely gets in the way!!!

My sister arrived this morning right before started which was great for some extra love and support!

I got settled in on the enormous radiation table and held as still as I possibly could. Each turn of switch I could smell a little bit of burning flesh. EWEWEWEEEE!!!!!!


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13 Responses to 2nd Radiation in 24 HRS

  1. Sasha says:

    I’m so glad number 2 is done and you don’t have to repeat that schedule again. I’m also glad to hear (elsewhere) that you and Laura are doing some shopping! 🙂 Love you and miss you.

  2. Katie Chery says:

    Two down is great! Sorry to hear the claustrophobia kicks in but I know you’ve perfected breathing and meditating through it. Awesome that Laura is there! I could hear her laughing when I read that your dad had given you two his credit card! 🙂 Sending you all my love. Xxxooo

  3. Dianna Kamp says:

    So glad Laura is here…xoxox if you ever want company in the waiting room or whatever I can hop on over…whatever you need xoxox – love you boo.

  4. Nicole says:

    This sucks so bad but you can do it.!!

  5. Amy says:

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I’m glad to hear you have morning appointments now, hopefully that means you won’t have to wait too long for your treatments. Sending you positive thoughts.

  6. Nancy says:

    So happy you got the morning appointments that you prefer – anything to make the process more tolerable. I can meet you with a “decaf” – just say or text the word! Big smooches and more gummy bear hugs to you all. XO

  7. Kendra says:

    Yay to morning appointments!! Hugs and love and smoochies tonight my dear. xxooo

  8. Anne M. says:

    Hang in there Jen! You have been so strong through all of this, we know you can get through the next 11 days. We will be there to support you, and hopefully give you some good laughs. Can’t wait to see you! Lot’s of love!

  9. colleen says:

    Hate that that claustrophobia nosed its way in! But two down is awesome!! So glad loving Laura is there. Miss you tons, love you bunches! xoxoxo

  10. lu says:

    hang in there, sweet friend. you can do this. slow, deep breaths..inhale healing energy, exhale cancer. inhale healing, exhale cancer. i’ll do it with you tomorrow a.m. what time? xo

  11. michelle says:

    LAURA!!!!!!! So awesome she is back and like Di said, Im there for anything. love you so much. xoxoxox

  12. Sasha says:

    thinking of you this morning and sending love

  13. Tina says:

    Wonderful that your sister is here. I hope that I can meet her soon. I am thinking of you and wrapping my arms around you all the way from Newburgh, NY (big arms, I know) lots of love Jennifer…XOXO Tina

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