For today…

Since I last wrote to you the other day a few things have changed. Nurses and some family had noticed that I seemed somewhat confused so they ordered an MRI of the brain a few days ago. Much to our surprise their are two lesions on my brain. 1 in the front left that appears to be press ion on my brain, and the other in the back right, both are quite small. This morning they want to see if the front left lesion has spread a bit, so they will be doing a spinal tap early this morning. After my morning labs come back and hopefully show my blood counts in normal range I will have my chemo here in they hospital.

Once they tests come back in a few days, they can determine what type of treatment they will do. They have pretty much ruled out surgery, so they just need to figure out which type of radiation they will do. We hope to know these answers by the beginning of next week, so we can quickly start treatment on the lesions of my brain. This is very important because we need to coincide the brain treatment with my regular chemotherapy.

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  1. Erin santos says:

    Let me just say from the cancer in the brain specialists… Radiation is very easy and very effective. Mskcc does a phenomenal job at just radiating the spot and nothing else around it. Piece of cake. Keep your head up jen. I know cancer in the brain rattles you but at least they found it and are making a plan.

    Yesterday was jake’s first birthday and Ib was hoping to have a cat party with all his friends, brea and f-stop included. Wish we were there with you.

  2. Laura says:

    I’m hoping and praying the s.t. goes smoothly and quickly, you get your tmt, and go home to relax and rest early in the day. There is no place like home. Let everyone wait on your every whim! Remember to take deep breaths and be conscious of your breathing. I wish I were there to give you a big hug and smooch in person! 12 more days my beautiful sister! I love you!

  3. Suzi says:

    Sorry to hear this news but happy to read Erin’s comments above about radiation. Will be thinking of you non-stop and sending healing vibes for a pain free day. Love you!

  4. bgionti says:

    Jen you amaze me everyday. The fact that you take the time to keep us all posted just makes me love you even more and more. I spent most of yesterday with you on my mind thinking about the MRI results and the treatment path you guys were going to take and was grateful to read your words. I know that it must be an overwhelming feeling for you but I am just going to believe with all the faith I have that this radiation will pinpoint on to the two spots in your brain and wipe it out. A warm embrace goes out to you, Angelo, Cam, Larry, Laura, and Scott. May the power of the Great Spirit, Mother Nature, Budha, God, and the good thoughts from thousands of people that adore you – help the radiation do it’s magic and give you strength, comfort, and hapiness.

  5. lu says:

    oh, friend…i echo all the words already written. especially grateful for erin’s comforting words. every time i get updates from your camp, i just say to myself, “ok, this is just another chapter. just another turn in the road on this cancer journey. she’s a wiley bitch, that cancer…always keeping you alert and guessing…”. and your sister’s words are encouraging, too…are they still looking to get you out of that hospital soon? i hope that means that your pain is being managed. keep your head up,sweet friend. you are doing such an amazing job keeping your head above water, even with all that’s been thrown at you this past couple of weeks. always look for updates to both of your blogs. grateful beyond measure that you both take the time to keep us current in your worlds…sending infinite love to you both today. and warm hugs to you all, hi cam and larry!

  6. Jen B says:

    Hi Jen.. Would it be okay if i send you some Reiki. I read your blog and see Ange’s posts and wish there was something I could do to help. You are truly an inspiration. Would love to send some healing if i may. xxoo

  7. Michelle says:

    Sending you warm fuzzies from the other room. :))) xoxo

  8. Jessica says:

    Jen, there are no words. I continue to be blown away by your grace and courage. This latest setback is discouraging, no doubt about it, but as Erin says, radiation is very effective… and so good to know MSKCC does a phenomenal job with it, in her opinion. And even though I can’t imagine how hard it was to hear about these 2 lesions, knowledge is power, so now we can get down to fighting it. I am sending you & Ange strength and peace and hugs and breaths and kisses and rest and healing and love and wishes for your own bed tonight. Love love love love you.

  9. My dearest bunny rabbit. I am hoping that all you did today went smoothely. I am praying for your return home tomorrow so you and Ange can be together in your own space. I am constantly sending you serenity vibes. I love what Laura said, breathe beautiful sister. xxoo

  10. Katie Chery says:

    I am echoing all of the beautiful words from everyone, frOm breathing deeply to waiting on your every whim. Soak in the love and help from everyone who’s there to support you. You exude courage and grace, all of which is reflected right back to you from Ange. I hope the tests went well today and that the plan is set into motion soon. Sending you a sun’s worth of light. All my love, sweet friend.

  11. Steve Villanova says:

    Hope and pray things start going in the right direction soon. You guys all need a break,, We are all behind you both and pray that you you get to go home soon. Busia says hi and wants me to tell you she is praying for you too. From what you are saying and your mom and Dad, Angelo must be a really great guy tell him we think he is a great guy too.

  12. Sasha says:

    Love you, my dear friend. I am here for whatever you need…

  13. Tina in Clevelfand says:

    Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear your health has become more troubling than before. We’re with you step by step on this journey. I don’t know how helpful that is for you, but it is truly heartfelt. I told you a long time ago–I told God I am willing to take this instead of you & I still wish He would allow it–but until He does I will continue to pray for you to be pain free & cancer free. Love to you Ang & your parents, Tina

  14. Abbey says:

    BFJ (aka Beyond Fabulous Jen) — that you would take the time to apprise everyone of these latest developments is yet another testament to your boundless strength and courage. I am heartened by Erin’s assessment of radiation but I am also convinced that your resolve — emblazoned by the love and support of your family and countless friends will see you through this obstacle. You and Ange are never far from my thoughts. With much love, Abbey XXO

  15. Stephanie says:

    Your friends and family write such great things, I’m at a loss, other than ditto. And, where’s that taxi driver when we need him, you are a strong brave woman. Love you, sending a thousand hugs!!

  16. Hope Tzagournis says:

    Jen, We are praying for you everyday… you are strong and an inspiration to us all.
    We love you! Fight Fight Fight….

  17. Sasha says:

    I keep checking every day for any updates… I am thinking of you all the time and sending my love. I am here for you and Ange. Whatever you need… xoxo

  18. Always in my prayers and thoughts. Love to you and Ange.

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