I learned something new..

I went to group on Friday and I told them how upset I was over my tumor marker numbers. They all asked me how long it had been since I started the new chemo and when they took the numbers. I told them I had only one treatment when they took the numbers. And they all agreed that I should not ever look at the first set of numbers after you start a new chemo. They said that those numbers don’t reflect the new chemo, they reflect the old chemo. They suggested that I tell my doctors and nurses to not draw blood after the first dose of a new chemo, so we can give the drug a fair amount of time to work, and I won’t drive myself crazy!

This advice came from women who have been dealing with this much longer than me, so it made me feel much better. I know it will be hard to do, but I have to remind myself that it is the right thing to do for me and all of my family and friends.

Feeling kind of crappy today…right after I ate breakfast I felt totally nauseated. I laid on the couch for an hour, then moved into bed around noon. Finally around 2:30 or so I took something for nausea, and it feels like it’s helping a bit!!!

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10 Responses to I learned something new..

  1. Jen we’re so glad you have such a great support group of ladies in your group. It sounds like a you have your own “fortress” of warriors who are in the same fight to lift you up on those rough days. If we could we would thank them all and give them all a hug for doing what they do for you with the positive energy.Most of all, give a hug to You and Angelo for inspiring me in getting the word out and telling others
    With Love, Healing, Positive Energy and Strength,

    M&M Swafford

  2. Dianna Kamp says:

    What a relief that those tumor #s aren’t an accurate representation of what’s going on with the new chemo….phew…so glad you have this support group who can help you navigate. hug hug hug – hope the nausea goes away….xoxo

  3. Alyce says:

    Thank God for that group of ladies. What better people to get information from than those who have experienced it. Thank God you went to meet with them. I carried you in my heart yesterday as I was walking with Aunt Anne and my friends from work. Know that you are loved and cared about. I pray that you and Ange continue to get the strenght and courage you need to fight this fight. You are an amazing couple. Jen, I know that at one point in your life you wanted to teach. Well you are a teacher. You teach all of us not to sweat the small stuff. You teach us courage and strength and patience. Thank you.

  4. beautifully said Alyce

  5. lu says:

    i echo all the above comments…so glad you have that group of wise, experienced woman. and so glad that you were in a place to “hear” what was being said…that is sometimes easier said then done…blessings to you today, dear friend! keeping you close in thoughts and in my heart…

  6. Jessica says:

    There is nothing like a support group – people who have been through what you have, and who can tell you what’s what. Because they will tell you the tough stuff, you have to believe them when they tell you the good stuff too. It’s not like they’re sugar coating. Also, when you put it like that : “those numbers don’t reflect the new chemo, they reflect the old chemo” it’s like, well of COURSE they do, why didn’t I think of that. Makes a ton of sense, since it takes a few weeks for the drug to take effect. So smart.

    I’m glad you found and took something that looks like it will help with the nausea . My only suggestion would be don’t feel like you have to wait until 2:30 — take it as soon as you feel a twinge , and stay ahead of it if you can.

    love you love you love you…

  7. Sasha says:

    There is nothing like a support group! I’m so glad you got this information and validation. I hope the nausea is gone gone gone! Love you.

  8. Kendra says:

    Well said, everyone above! Thank goodness for a support group. Thank goodness for delayed marker response. Thank goodness for you Jennifer. Echoing Alyce, you teach us all, every single day. We love you. XXOO

  9. Sasha says:

    Thinking of you…

  10. Stephanie says:

    Hey Jen, Just getting a chance to catch up on some of your blogs. It seems like the advice of your group is excellent advice. Makes total sense to allow the chemo the time it needs to do what it has to do!! Sounds like you’re working hard to come off some of your medications / pain drugs, I hope that’s going okay for you. One day at a time. Rest up and enjoy this beautiful weather. xo

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