Treatment day…

I’m sitting in the waiting area to get treatment with my parents and Ange. I’ve been quite anxious today for some reason. I think there are so many pieces to this puzzle to worry about, that some days are just heavier than others, like today.
Thank goodness for distractions like my I can watch mindless, tv, or movies. I was one of those people who said I didn’t want/need one, and now it constantly saves me from many tears, as it let’s me escape into another world…

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all…and lying in bed in silence was making my mind spin even more, so I watched 1 and a 1/2 movies which absolutely helped…I couldn’t wait for the morning light to seep in so I could start the day and get more chemo inside me.

Which brings me to now…chemo just started…


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8 Responses to Treatment day…

  1. Sasha says:

    I love you and am thinking about you…

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey honey… Your intuitive way of thinking about this problem that you’re dealing with as a puzzle is so smart, it’s almost like one of those mirror mazes where when you think you’re going the right way, you could end up back where you started. But the chemo and the Ipad are the tools and so is your anxiety even, I think because you are so attuned to your body. And certainly your wonderful parents and husband and friends and doctors and nurses and meds and therapists too, as well as your eating habits and also the 10 minute bicycle rides you’ve been doing…. I can’t know, but I imagine any setback must seem like you’ve been placed back at the start. Maybe it would help to think about all of the tools that you’ve been using, and even the experiences and setbacks, are helping you and your medical team understand the pieces of this puzzle, it’s shape and how it all fits together so you can solve it… Sending love love and love.
    By the way, on another important note, cute top in that photo!

  3. I am a friend of Sasha’s and have been voting for you husbands fabulous photo’s daily…I want to send you a hug and warm healing breezes just to let you know that I think of you and that you are in my heart. Love, a friend of Sashas…Susanna

  4. Katie Chery says:

    Yep, you are in that puzzle with so much to think about constantly that escaping with the iPad seems necessary. Can you imagine years ago when you would have had to lug around a TV and VCR? Ha! I hope you napped today just enough to help you have energy but not so much that you aren’t able to sleep again tonight. Sending you gobs of love. Xxxooo

  5. Nicole says:

    Sending a virtual hug…I recommend watching as much trash tv as possible.

  6. mamerendino says:

    I love that you wear earrings. Hugs.

  7. lu says:

    i would watch all seasons of sex in the city and the sopranos…followed by friends and seinfeld…queer as folk was an awesome showtime series…wish i was there to watch with you! so glad you are tolerating this chemo drug better than the last…i think the drug makes you sleepy to force you to rest when your body needs it. you are taking great care of yourself…thanks for doing that…i love you!! mwah

  8. Anne Bickett says:

    Prayed for you today as I always do. Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Ange. Lizzy, Alyce, Mike, and I are walking/running in the Race for the Cure on Saturday. We will be thinking about you. Take care and tell Angelo his photos are amazing! (but then he has an absolutely gorgeous subject)
    Aunt Anne

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