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Precautions re Mammograms and Dental XRays/ A Useful Warning

On Wednesday, Dr. Oz had a show on the fastest growing cancer in women, thyroid cancer.  It was a very interesting program and he mentioned that the increase could possibly be related to the use of dental x-rays and mammograms.  He demonstrated that on the apron the dentist puts on you for your dental x-rays there is a little flap that can be lifted up and wrapped around your neck.  Many dentists don’t bother to use it.  Also, there is something called a “thyroid guard” for use during mammograms.  By coincidence, I had my yearly mammogram yesterday. I felt a little silly, but I asked about the guard and sure enough, the technician had one in a drawer. I asked why it wasn’t routinely used. Answer: “I don’t know.  You have to ask for it.” Well, if I hadn’t seen the show, how would I have known to ask?  

Someone was nice enough to forward this to me. I hope you pass this on to your friends and family. 

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6 Responses to Please Read…

  1. lu says:

    it is so important to educate ourselves, yet so maddening that such simple precautions that the medical industry developed to protect us from unnecessary radiation exposure, yet fails to be routinely utilized. what else don’t we know about? it really is frightening, isn’t it? infuriating is more accurate…thanks so much for helping to educate the rest of us!!

  2. Stacey says:

    thank you so much for posting this. i had no idea and will now ask for the guard when i get my xrays in the future.

  3. Lisa says:

    That is really interesting and important information!! Sounds like the radiology people need to have an inservice!! Geez. I’m going to repost this….

  4. Margaret says:

    As someone with thyroid issues, I greatly appreciated this information!

  5. Jessica says:

    Good to know, frustrating that we have to find this out through grassroots efforts like you & Dr. Oz!

    Sending extra love and prayers for today.

  6. Kendra says:

    Oh this is such good advice, and to reiterate what Lu said, so infuriating that we have to ask to be protected from something that could harm our health. Crazy! Thank you so much for sharing and I will be passing it along.

    Sending you love today!

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