The Day I Found Out…

Angelo found this amazing website called “The Day I Found Out” where people who have been diagnosed can tell you their story from the privacy of their home or where ever they feel comfortable.  Please watch the other videos when you have time because we can all learn more about early self detection.

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6 Responses to The Day I Found Out…

  1. Jessica says:

    I haven’t played this yet (I’m in an open work area right now) but thanks for sharing. I think the more conversations the world at large can have about cancer — the less we have to whisper the word — the better off we all are . looking forward to listening to you !! Love you love you love you love you….

  2. Katie Chery says:

    I’m sitting in the living room and just watched you tell your story. I was mesmerized. I watched it on my phone, resting it against my knee, and used an earpiece to hear. It was as if you were telling the story directly to me, a little Jennifer perched on my knee, sharing your journey. Thank you so much for your brave, warrior spirit giving us this gift of truth and insight, just one of many, many, many from the past four years. I love you so much and you have taught me so much. Xxxooo

  3. lu says:

    katie, i had the exact same response as you! i texted jennifer (hi jenny!) as soon as i watched it and told her that it was like we were sitting together on my couch and she was telling me the whole story… jennifer, i know we are all saying it all the time…that you are so brave, our hero, warrior, beautiful, courageous, i don’t know how many other adjectives we’ve all used to describe how we see you throughout all of this. and i have no idea how you “receive” all these accolades. maybe with a “fuck, i don’t care if i look beautiful, i have cancer!”. i speak for myself when i tell you that i have to keep complementing you because i watch you travel this road with such grace, and beauty…you may not be feeling brave, or heroic, yet when i look in your eyes as you tell your story to whoever is behind the camera, you just look so focused and determined…and i can see right past the bald head that wants to yell “look over here, i’ve got cancer”…i see right past that to my friend, jennifer wise merendino, who i’ve known almost 20 years. same voice. same eyes. same expressions. you are still you. cancer can’t take that. and i’m so grateful to be able to share a TALKING you to all my friends who have been voting for angelo’s photos and commenting on your struggle…now they get to “meet” you!! thanks for doing this…you are making SUCH a difference in this world because you have this horrible disease. all honesty, i’m in awe of how many times you have seized an opportunity to put a name and a face on breast cancer. awareness is being raised because of your journey…thanks for being all that you are…so much love for you…

  4. lu says:

    gah, i’m a wordy broad, aren’t i? sorry i keep hijacking your blog!! mwah!

  5. Sasha says:

    This is beautiful and so important. I love you!

  6. FacingCancer says:

    Thank you for your openness and strength. Sharing stories and experiences is so important. You are brave.

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