I have been feeling ugghhh all day…(my belly feels nauseated)
I had physical therapy this morning (which was great again) and then went over to the Breast Center to pick up some prescriptions.. Once I did that, I went home and took a long nap…
I’ve just made some dinner and feel like I have to force myself to eat it. I think I’ll eat my food, drink a Ginger Ale (Reeds my favorite!!) then head into bed..


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8 Responses to Ugghhh

  1. lu says:

    sorry you have a punky stomach…that is never fun… hopefully the ginger ale will help. do my eyes deceive, or did they remove your port? or have you gotten really good at hiding it in this oppressive heat? hope your a/c is working efficiently!! sending you much love…sleep well and hopefully you will wake in the morning feeling much better…

  2. Tina esposito says:

    Well Jen I hope you rest comfortably tonite. Maybe your just exhausted from your beautiful vacation. Thinking of you my friend. XOXO Tina

  3. eeyore1 says:

    I hope the gingerale helped you…and that you have lots of sweet healing dreams of all the love people are sending you. I love this new site and all the updates that you share. Sleep tight((hugs))
    PS. I love this photo of you.

  4. Dianna Kamp says:

    Sending you a big hug….

  5. Tina in Clevelfand says:

    Hope tomorrow is a better day. Feel our hugs & prayers & know you are in our thoughts all the time. We cherish our little breakfast together & hold onto your smile. –So glad you had a good vacation with your family.—love to you, Tina & Jim.

  6. Patrick says:

    Love you love bug! Hope the stomach settled and you slept well. . . . xoxoxo

  7. Sasha says:

    I know you don’t feel well but I was stuck by how beautiful you look in the photo. I’m sorry about the nausea! Nothing worse. Is it from chemo? I hope the Reeds helped. Love you.

  8. Camille (Mom) says:

    Love, hugs (really tight, long ones), kisses. You alone (with God, hopefully) know what is best for you. When doubt, take a nap. Sometimes just a little time helps us find an answer. Of course there is always Angelo in whose arms is comfort, understanding and joy! We send our love, always.

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