Busy Monday Morning…

This morning was so packed I am absolutely exhausted now. I woke up around 7am, had breakfast, got dressed, and rushed out the door! (Ange joined me outside just to be my official taxi hailer, how sweet is that??) Unfortunately, my corner that is always filled with taxi’s was not and we had to wait about 15 minutes before one picked me up. I rushed to MSKCC’s Physical Therapy Center, but I was still 10. Min late (I hate being late, but I always am..)

Physical therapy was really great! The girl I’m working with is very gentle and calming, which I always love…She gave me some exercises to do at home and did some manual lymph drainage to help with swelling..if you aren’t familiar, manual lymph drainage feels like the softest, most relaxing massage..it’s really lovely..
Once the appointment ended, I headed up to the Breast Center for Chemo. My appointment wasn’t until 1:30, so I went to have my finger stick, where they check to see if your white count is high enough to receive treatment. After that I went to the chemotherapy floor and got myself situated for my 2 hour wait. I had my iPad so I had plenty of entertainment.
About 15 minutes after I sat down they called my name…I was so confused because I hadn’t checked in yet because I was waiting for Angelo…
But apparently as soon as I get my finger stick they start mixing the drugs…I called Ange and told him what was happening… he said that he would get there as quickly as he could so he could take me home (so, so sweet)
Treatment was quick and easy and as soon as I went to the lobby Ange was walking in…

I guess this may not seem like a busy morning for most, but I am wiped out…I feel a nap in my future.


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6 Responses to Busy Monday Morning…

  1. Kendra says:

    I would definitely call that a busy morning! You are working so hard and your body is too my girl. Most of us would be wiped out by a quarter of the morning you had.
    I love the glow on your skin and the bright yellow…you’re such a beauty! Vacation looks good on you 🙂

  2. Sasha says:

    I agree with Kendra. Very busy and I’d be completely wiped out. There is a glow on your skin and you are definitely, always such a beauty.

  3. Camille (Mom) says:

    My sweet girl. You are so loved by all who meet you and such a special gift to Laura, Scott, the girls, and ,of course, Dad and me. xoxoxo

  4. lu says:

    i needed a nap today too…i won’t bore you with my morning, but trust me…it wasn’t HALF of yours!! i love you! you look really great…so glad all went well today…glad you clarified lymph drainage…i think it needs a new name 😉 mwah!!

  5. Katie Chery says:

    Busy, busy yesterday! I’m glad that all went as planned and that the physical therapy went well. You do look radiant! Xxxooo

  6. Jessica says:

    rushing around always leaves me tired, to say nothing of the chemo drugs that you took!! a nap (or two) makes a ton of sense. I also love that dress that you’re wearing in the pic, and I like that half smile on your face even more (was that WHILE you were doing chemo?)

    Sending love!

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