Almost Home…

Ange and I are on the train with only a few more hours to go til we are in NYC…The trip was wonderful, the only major problem was that it went by far too fast!!

I did have a melt down yesterday when I tried to go back into the water one last time with my sister, Laura… The waves appeared to be as calm as they were earlier but let me tell you, they were not and instead knocked me on my ass. Luckily, I was still clutching onto my sisters hand, and she was able to pull me up before another wave crashed into me..My left leg is still too weak, which really ticked me off!!!

As Laura and I walked back up-to the house she said “stupid fu# king radiation recall!!!” She nailed that one on the head for sure!


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6 Responses to Almost Home…

  1. Suzi says:

    You both look so happy and well rested in this pic. The ocean air clearly was good for you!

  2. Katie Chery says:

    You two are wonderful, the dynamic duo! I hope your return to NYC is uneventful, though I know you’ll miss the ocean and your family. Drat that you didn’t get to swim one last time but the image of Laura’s hand locked on yours symbolizes her steady love and support.

    I love you! Xxxooo

  3. Kendra says:

    Oh Jennifer you look GORGEOUS in this picture! Radiant, glowing and so beautiful. (And Ange, you look great too 🙂 ).
    May you hold the memories of the last week forever in your minds. Welcome home!

  4. Sasha says:

    Stupid f-ing radiation recall is for sure. Despite the last swimming attempt, I love the image of Laura’s hand locked on yours… This photo of you and Ange is terrific. Welcome home both of you.

  5. lars192 says:

    Hey Jen and Ange-what a great time we had. Awesome Family. I had soo much fun with everyone in the water. So refreshing and relaxing. Loved the little snide remarks family members throw at each other. Memories of past acts of being mischeivous but most of all planning for next years Family extravaganza. Love You. Pops

  6. lu says:

    i am IN LOVE with this photo! this is easily the happiest, healthiest, and most well rested you have looked since spending so much time in the hospital this spring. you do look beautiful in this photo, jennifer. and content. and angelo, you’re always smokin’ hot!! 😉 love you both!! zen palate this week?

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