Day 2…

I have these RARE moments, where for just one millisecond I forget that I have cancer, and that happened to me yesterday…I was down at the beach looking around at the waves rolling in and all of the families. Absolutely beautiful. My mind was peaceful, then I realized I HAVE CANCER!!!! I hate when this happens, such a trick to my heart…how did I get here? Bald Head, bloated body from medication, sparse eyelashes and eyebrows. I was sad.
But the feelings of love from my husband and family pulled me out it..I am so very grateful…



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4 Responses to Day 2…

  1. Tina Esposito says:

    I am glad you had that amazing feeling if only for a moment. The love and support from having your family so close is also an amazing feeling! You are blessed. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! Love you Jen. XOXO Tin

  2. Katie Chery says:

    I am so glad that you’re there and soaking in the love from your family and the beauty of the ocean. And can I just say that she is the spitting image of Scott in that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable!!!!!!!!!!! xxxooo

  3. Sasha says:

    I too am so glad you were able to forget even if for a millisecond… It must feel like a trick, though. I get that. How important that you can feel pulled through by all the love. The photos are beautiful. And I love the other one Ange took of you in your hat. You can see the love right there. I’m thinking of you… And voting daily. Love you.

  4. lu says:

    i’m am also so grateful you got a glimpse of “normal” today…however brief. i believe the universe gives us those reminders so that we don’t forget what we are fighting for… and for you to be able to savor that short moment…to me it means you are paying attention. some of us live in that “normal” every day, but the sweet beauty of it eludes us (me. it eludes me.) maybe this cancer bullshit has given you the gift of being fully present in all of your moments…and that is a truly truly beautiful way to live. confession, i was given that gift once, too, and i’ve allowed it to slip away. so that’s the gift you gave to me today, the reminder to pay attention to all my moments. thanks, friend. i love you so much. hugs to both you and angelo. xo

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