Yesterday, I went to see the rehab doctor at Sloan with Michelle…The doctor was super nice, and as we knew, I definitely need some physical therapy. Unfortunately, they are incrediably busy and he said the first available was in 6 weeks! I said ” listen, I have stage 4 breast cancer and would prefer not to go to another facility that knows nothing about me and will wind up waste time figuring that out. I need to get moving soon… Not in 6 weeks!” He totally understood and told me he would work really hard to get me in a few weeks, which is great! (I’ll let you know when that appt is made)

Later on last night, I got a little weepy again..I began to cry as Ange and I were laying down in bed…i was thinking about Elena and how life is so fragile. I hate wasting even a second on stupid things, but that’s life and little things pop up here and there, not everything can be perfect.. I tried taking some deep breaths to calm down, and between that and a little Ativan I finally fell asleep…

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4 Responses to Tuesday….

  1. Katie Chery says:

    My fingers are crossed that you get a PT appointment sooner rather than later! As for the tears, deep breaths and a little Ativan sounds good. I know you don’t want to waste time on “stupid things” but it seems to me you aren’t–you are doing anything but that. Frankly, you’re a rock star. Sending you love. xxxooo

  2. lars192 says:

    Jen I will bet that walking in the sand will help a lot. Also a little force from some waves should help also. Of course all in moderation. Looking forward to sun and fun. Love You

  3. Sasha says:

    I hope they get you in soon. And I don’t think you are wasting time on anything “stupid.”

  4. Danielle Bumpers says:

    You sweetie are a firework a rockstar and my hero! I love you and if I have not told you already, thank you for saving my life and being my guardian angel!

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