It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon…

And I’m crying..
All it took, was me forgetting something that I had already done a few months ago.
I know I have a lot going on right now.. But that thought spiraled me into the cancer “I feel sorry for myself hole” I know that I’m allowed to be here, but I don’t want to be..

Ange held my hand asked me what I needed…”nothing” I said. I put my headphones on, and started to write, hoping that this combination will help the tears…
And just now I felt a sweet soft kiss on my neck…the kiss was followed by several others…and now..I have melted into the perfect state of relaxation..
No more tears..I’m so blessed…

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8 Responses to It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon…

  1. jessica says:

    What a rare glimpse into a full cycle this post was. So many things to be aware of and take pride in – your acknowledgement that you hate what cancer has done to your memory and that you’re “allowed” to spiral down and that it still sucks even if its allowed AND to feel all that and be able to come out the other end by relying on yourself & your writing as well as the love of Ange. Thank you for sharing this. Its yet another act of bravery. Sending love.

  2. Sasha says:

    Sending you love, Jen.

  3. Colleen says:

    Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday. Love you sweetpea. xo

  4. Katie Chery says:

    Sending you love tonight. Thank you for writing and sharing all of the ups and downs of this journey. You are strong, beautiful, perceptive, and so very loved. I miss you–a visit soon. Xxxooo

  5. lars192 says:

    What a team you guys are. So much love to give to each other. Thank God you two were put together “perfecto”. Love You

  6. Sasha says:

    Love you, Jen. Thinking of you this morning. Missing you…

  7. tina says:

    that is just so sweet to read.i keep saying you two are so wonderful together and it shows constantly.i think of you two often and what a blessing you are to you.

  8. Janiece says:

    You two are wonderful together. Your strength, honesty, and love are such an inspiration.

    Jen, despite the horrific journey you are on, you still are so blessed to Ange by your side.


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