Sad day…Happy night…

I couldn’t sleep last night as usual..and with the loss of Elena the night was extra heavy.. I kept getting up then couldn’t get back to sleep. I finally took a pill to relax me at 7:30 am which obviously screwed up my entire day.. I’d get up toss around in bed, then try to fall back..this tossing and turning went on for hours…but I finally got out of bed around 3 pm, because my friends Erin and Isabella were in town for some tests and were coming over for a sleep over..which I knew was sure to make me happy.

They got in around 7ish, we went for a brief walk, ordered some food, and laughed and laughed…my heart is still very sad for Elena, but there is nothing like Erin and Isabella to brighten the day.


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7 Responses to Sad day…Happy night…

  1. Sasha says:

    Beautiful photo. Of course your heart is heavy for Elena. How wonderful that Isabella could bring you joy and laughter amidst such sadness. Love you.

  2. lars192 says:

    I knew Isabellas presence would make you happy. You have great freinds in Erin and Isabella. We were happy to finally meet them via skype last evening. Especially liked sharing Bowser the puppet with Isabella. The two of you have been through a lot and deserve the happiness you give each other. God Bless You Both and thanks Erin for being there for Jennifer and Angelo.

  3. lu says:

    laughter through tears is my favorite emotion…
    what a great photo…your happiness is almost palpable, and she is a doll! hope today brings more rest and peaceful thoughts…

  4. Jasmine Ferreira says:

    I love your new home and the pictures! Gosh…you look fabulous in every wig by the way! So sorry about your friend Elena. So happy that Isabella and Erin can make you laugh and laugh!!! I have to tell you…your face brings a smile to my face…every time! “You” transmit such calm and peace…really.

  5. Michelle says:

    Can’t stop thinking about you and Ange and Of course Elena. I happy to see that you are spending time with Erin and Isabella. I know they bring you such happiness and to read you were able to laugh. It made my day. Love U Jennife O Jenny. Xxxooo

  6. Sasha says:

    Thinking of you early this morning…

  7. Angelo Merendino says:

    love love love me some isabella time!!!!!!

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