Originally Posted 5.31.2011 ” Sitting at the breast center…”

met with the pain doc, Dr. Glare..super nice as always..I’ve been having this pain in my left leg that has been increasing, so he is upping 1 of my pain meds and adding a muscle relaxer to see if that combo works

Met with Dr.Traina, my oncologist…greeted with hugs as usual and feels lovely every time. Told her I needed to add an additional med for constipation and she said to take an extra dose of lactulose. This made me very happy because I happen to love the taste…(like Maple Syrup)
She scheduled my next scans for June 22nd which is good, and in the meantime we continue on with the Eribulin.

Squeezed in a quick therapy session with the great Dr.Massie, so I could get to treatment. The 20 minutes were utilized well, but we didn’t need to rush because we have been sitting here waiting for treatment for about an hour. My sweet Ange is asleep next to me. Poor thing still has to go get me a prescription when we get home because they don’t have it at the Sloan pharmacy. And if I haven’t explained myself well,I can only walk about 1 to 2 blocks. So I’m stuck at home, and really relying on Ange and everyone to get anything I need. (I don’t like that)

I’m pretty sure we decided to finally get a port. If I do go through with it, I want to to it soonish, so i can do it before i go back to the office.

This has been my day so far starting at 1:30 to 5:21 as we still wait for treatment..

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by Tina Esposito at Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 6:00 PM

Jen I wish I were closer because I would come and sit with you and then Ange could go get your meeds and we could meet him home! Unfortunately I am not close enough to do that so sending my love, hugs and support with a lot of positive strength your way to help get you through the rest of your day. I’m going to check your task schedule and see if I can help with your next appointment. I will be in touch soon. Love to you and Ange! Xoxo Tina

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by Katie Chery at Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 8:00 PM

I’m glad that you were able to meet with the two doctors, go to therapy, and get your treatment–a productive visit! I’m itching to visit you again and will take my turn getting you what you need. Sending you cargo ships worth of love and many suns of light.

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by Camille & Larry Wise at Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 10:14 PM

Sounds like you had a productive but tiring day. Praying hard that Eribulun is the answer. Wish that pain would go away soon.

Love You

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by Patrick Beller at Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 10:19 PM

Hi love. I am sensing (and also hoping) that Eribulin is the answer. The port sounds like a good idea- no more needles. I am praying that the pain goes away soon babe. Hopefully you are resting now. Love you!

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by Colleen Dangerfield at Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 7:28 PM

I hope you both had a restful evening after such a hectic day! And I hope you had a more restful day today:) Love you both, xo.

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by Bill Wise at Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 11:09 PM

I look at Ange’s photos on Facebook and see the agony in your eyes, but I also see hope. You are an insiration to all of us to never give up on anything we do. I think Aimee would be so proud of you. I also hope that your find time for peace through all of this. Think of you and pray everyday.
Uncle Bill

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by Jennifer Merendino at Friday, June 3, 2011, 4:54 AM

thank you so much Uncle Bill…xo

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by Camille wise at Thursday, June 2, 2011, 7:53 AM

i can imagine how tiring your day was, both of you. Hurry up and wait! You know I think of you all day, every day. Sending both of you your mother’s love, prayers and healing hopes. We are missing you and hope to see you soon. xoxoxox

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by Sasha Rau at Thursday, June 2, 2011, 8:56 AM

Thinking of you. I love you and Ange so much…

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by Katie Chery at Thursday, June 2, 2011, 8:50 PM

I’m thinking of you and hoping that you’re doing okay today. Sending you love, smiles, hugs, and light. XXXOOO

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by Aimee Merendino at Thursday, June 2, 2011, 10:30 PM

Think of you and Angelo, every minute of every day…xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo

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by Lu Semenzin at Thursday, June 2, 2011, 11:07 PM

always great to get an update from you. sorry to hear you are still struggling with the pain…but remain hopeful that dr. glare (what an interesting name, btw!) has the answer for you. and the eribulin…anxious to hear the results of your scans on the 22nd. you remain in my heart…and will be with me every step of the way this weekend. xo ❤

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