Originally Posted 6.17.2010 “the downs..”

today has definitely been a downer for me..had my first routine monthly blood test on tuesday, after i have had a full month of medication. there was a lab error,(which im not mad about..these things happen) but they seem to think that certain numbers are still accurate..(im having it retested tomorrow) only some of them were effected and others were not according them. but since those numbers “may” have been effected and one of those numbers was my CEA tumor marker that was the one that indicated that I have cancer again has gone up 6 points in two weeks is causing concern to me.. there is so much involved in all of this..you really have to be your own advocate and that becomes hard because you are constantly play a guessing game with which decision is right..
im in a mood and so is Ange..what a pair we are..

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by Dianna Kamp at Sunday, June 20, 2010, 8:41 PM

This sucks. When will you know what your accurate numbers are? Sending love and positive thoughts…

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