Originally Posted 9.9.2008 “september”

this road has it’s rough spots..
and one of the hardest things is knowing that everyone elses life continues to move on and ours ( those in my circle of motion) only spins within our small boundaries..now this isn’t to say that life in general doesn’t have rough spots, but I’ll tell you that we are envious of those irritating days at work or your schedule is so full there isn’t enough time in the day to complete everything, or your having a bad hair day (although I do remember those days, I vow to never take my hair for granted) this isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad it’s just something I need to get out…it’s not like ive been out of the loop for a month, it’s been 6 months and I feel like I’ve been standing still..

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by Lu Semenzin at Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 8:26 PM

hi friend. thanks for this beautiful reminder. i have held on to the ‘not taking my hair for granted’ notion, as well as not letting myself get to caught up in the importance of having ‘good’ hair days, as i have a small idea what its like to lose hair.

the rest of what you said? wow. that really resonated with me. i was reminded that two years ago, one year post-illness, i felt blessed to say, “wow. i GET to turn 40 this year. how lucky am i?”

today? i’m crunchy because i have to be at jackson’s school all week because i’m co-chairing his school’s book fair. THANK YOU for the eloquent reminder that i am so truly blessed and lucky to be able to volunteer at his book fair this week.

looking forward to the day that i’ll be reminding you of the golden lessons you learned ‘when you were sick’
sending love and light

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