Originally Posted 9.29.2008 “thank you…and needs..”

I would like to take a moment to honor all of my family and friends for your love, compassion, and endless giving. My journey thus far has been a crazy emotionally painful ride, but i am able to through this because you believe in me. So I ask you to please stay close. I was overwhelmed during the beginnings of chemo with emails, cards messages, all asking nothing in return but just wanting me to know that you are there. This point in treatment is very difficult, and some people think that everything is fine now, on the upswing, when actually its quite the opposite. And when my friends and family back off from me it makes my heart ache. My life has changed so much, and will continue to I’m sure, which is terrifying, and makes me feel lost and alone. So please continue to send me notes when you can..email is always good..everyone knows I’m not much of a phone talker, but whatever you can do..I need some help with my empty days..

Lots of Love,

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