Originally Posted 9.16.2008 “tomorrow starts radiation”

today i went for the set-up..its kind of a mock run through..but again keeping your arm at this awkward angle for 45 minutes or so isn’t really very pleasant..but the drugs helped..definitely..i actually nodded off for a few seconds here and there..anyways..tomorrow should be easier than today..but a bit longer than others..my radiation oncologist will come in to make sure everything is set-up properly and then off they will go with the radiation..it will be 5 days a week, for 5 weeks, starting tomorrow. Michelle was lovely enough to pick up this cream for me in Paris that costs $85 in the US and under $20 in Paris..im so excited and hope that it works for me..if not there are many others that will im sure..send me your thoughts these coming days, and please also say some prayers for everyone..seems like we could all use some extra loves these days…..
lots of love,

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