Originally Posted 7.6.2008 “hi”

so its sunday evening and ange is playing out again..(3 nights in a row)..so i plan on cooking some dinner and watching ice road truckers on the history channel..(ange and i are addicted) just wanted to let you all now that our nephew Tyler (Tommy’s son) is in ICU at childrens hospital..his condition is stable and he’s getting better but certainly needs your good thoughts and prayers (he was at a pool yesterday and passed out, they aren’t sure why yet)..so include him in your list..he is a dear little soul..my spirits have been pretty down yesterday and today for some reason..this is so hard emotionally and physically..and is the same for ange..we are really good at communicating with each other..but its hard when we both are down..so you can also include him (please) in your spirit lifting prayers thoughts..he’s such a gem and since i get all the cards and well wishes..he could use this too…
love you lots,

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