Originally Posted 7.3.2008 “Hi Jennifer”

posted by Alyce Wagner

It was great to talk to you from Topsail. You are beautiful without hair. You can’t say that about many people. I took your advice and threw away my deodorant. You (and my friends and co-workers) will be glad to know, however, that I bought a “Tom’s” brand from Giant Eagle. I am finding out that they have quite a selection of organic items. My boss lives in Cleveland Heights and shops at Whole Foods all the time. She bought me a gift card for my birthday. One of these Saturdays I will take the jaunt and experience Whole Foods. She says her daughter calls it “Whole Paycheck”.
I’m glad Ange is home with you this week. It’s nice that he takes such good care of you. Give him a hug for me. Love to you both, Aunt Alyce

whole foods (reply to this | Edit | Delete)
by Jennifer Merendino at Thursday, July 3, 2008, 11:08 AM

how cool of your boss to buy you a gift certificate there..and as far as the cost..the great thing is they have there own brand called 365..and they have almost every item in there for cheaper..and as Kris Carr said who wrote “crazy sexy cancer”..”i don’t spend alot of money on prescriptions so whole foods is my pharmacy”..i think thats brilliant…and “tom’s” brand is great..they have tons of items..ange likes their toothpaste!!!
love you,

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