Originally Posted 7.18.2008 “morning”

woke up sad this morning..being tired and stressed is part of it..fstop peed on our bed yesterday..(so upset about that) so we slept on the pull out couch..and he was into everything last night..eating plants..doing his little running man thing on anything that made noise..puking up the plants he just munched on..so i gave all the cats cat-nip in the middle of the night..and fstop puked again..then cheeto puked..then i heard another rustle in the kitchen and he was on the counter chewing on a plastic bag…ugghhhh…ange and i were up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night..but still as fstop is calm and sweetly sleeping on the desk in front of the keyboard right now..im so sad..overwhelmed with my world..maybe its just my moment to cry and get it out..im exhausted..
keep us in your thoughts..we need super duper good vibes sent our way..
love you,

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