Originally Posted 7.16.2008 “Tracy Deitrick”

posted by Tracy Deitrick

Good morning! I was just thinking of you. Did I read that you only have 1 more treatment? What happens then? How nice that your mama & sis came to stay. I am so incredibly sad that I will have to skip my yearly visit in September. It figures when I want to come so bad to visit you, I can’t. I have an amazing husband, but asking him to stay with our two kids and our newborn might be pushing it…I may just have to blow tradition and come in the spring. I am scheduled on July 31st for a cesarean, but if you saw me you would doubt that I will make it two more weeks. I look like like I swallowed a watermelon whole. Other than my ankles being the size of my calves, I am good. I have you on my e-mail list when the babe comes. I will also be missing the fundraiser for you in Akron because I will still be in the hospital..boy, this baby is becoming very inconvenient:) I love you, Jen. You are always in my thoughts..

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by Jennifer Merendino at Friday, July 18, 2008, 9:28 AM

im so happy for you..another sweet little bundle on the way..the beauty of life huh? i hope it is calm and peaceful for you..you are very sweet to send your note by the way..yes i do only have 1 more treatment..its funny as much as you don’t want to feel bad..its very scary to stop for some reason..i finish my reconstruction surgery on august 25th..then i start radiation sometime in mid september..5 days a week for 5 weeks..so im on my way..but it is all so very hard..please continue to have me in your thoughts as you will be mine..
love you too..

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