Originally Posted 6.8.2008 “a little help needed”

so my next treatment is totally different..and i don’t have any idea on how i will feel. i was thinking i would try and do it by myself, but i put an email out to a woman i met who just went through it and she said in order to ease my own anxiety i should get some help just in case..

so i am in need of someone to stay with me..mon-thurs, the dates are june 16th thru june 19th .. its hard because i need it to be only 1 person. and although i do have a pullout couch now, i also can’t offer it as a place to stay..with our apt being so small, having to worry about this on top of everything else is also too much for me right now.. if i have different people different days i feel like im entertaining and that becomes exhausting..even though i know that my friends/family do not expect me to be..its something inside that i can’t turn off..so ..let me know if anyone is able to do this and i will get back to them asap..i guess email me at my home email stbjam@earthlink.net..


p.s. don’t worry if you can’t either..i have my mom as back up..so i can always call her too!!

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