Originally Posted 5.12.2008 “checking in…”

posted by Lu Semenzin

hey, jennifer…how you holding up today? i hope spring has returned to nyc…it finally returned to chicago today. sunny and blue skies, though still on the cool side.

mostly just wanted you to know we were out here thinking about you and sending you love and light

can you (or someone) post your home email address (if you want emails there).

sunny (reply to this | Edit | Delete)
by Jennifer Merendino at Tuesday, May 13, 2008, 12:26 PM

it is an amazing day here..pretty warm..at least upper 60’s…totally sunny and lovely..and i feel pretty good today..hopefully ill be able to stay pretty long tonight at the fundraiser!!!gonna sit alot..and take it easy..my home email is stbjam@earthlink.net…kiss kiss

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