Originally Posted 12.15.2008 “monday”

had a rough week last week..trying to feel better and to bepositive..i have good moments for sure..lots of them..but the roller coaster is very hilly, so there are many down moments as well..there is so much to figure out..met with a therapist this past week, and she definitely validated my need for seeing her, she said people come when they are first diagnosed, when they are done with treatment and then a year after..im sure she will be very helpful, but the in between times are difficult..ive been feeling pretty guilty as of late for angelo having to go through this too..he basically goes through everthing i do to some degree..especially the fatigue..that in itself is rough, and can make everything else seem so much worse when you are that exhausted..i know that time will make things better, but when you are in it..its devestating.
sorry to be down..

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by Lu Semenzin at Monday, December 15, 2008, 8:38 PM

ah..jenny. this is such a difficult journey you are on. and i am so proud of you for seeking out assistance to get you through the rough patches. no shame in that…i’m grateful you’ve found someone so quickly that you feel hopeful about. will reach out privately soon. to angelo, too. think about you both so often. sending you so much love…

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by Jennifer Merendino at Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:35 PM

she is really grewt. someone in group told me to go see her, luckily she had a cancellation so i could see her. thank you for always being here.. xo

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