Originally Posted 11.12.2008 “recuperation”

its hard to believe our week away has already concluded…it was so lovely and lazy..we went to provincetown, ma where we went on our honeymoon..we stayed at a different place, called the lands end inn and the guys that ran it were so sweet..and our view from our room was calming and beautiful..i started to get emotional the last night..(maybe a bit crabby and freaked out) thinking about going back to work..and trying to pretend that life is back to normal..i don’t want to do that..i have felt so safe and protected being where im at..i kind of feel like i will be pretending to be ok, and i don’t want to have that added pressure..im sure ill figure things out, but for now thats whats spinning through my head, along with a bunch of other things..anyways..im posting quite a few photos from our trip..they were breathtaking..and i plan on looking at them anytime i feel stressed to make me feel calm..please know that i still need my friends..

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by Patti Akins at Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 7:03 PM

The pictures are beautiful. What a great way that was to recooperate. Just take it a day at a time Jen- this is the easy stuff!! love ya-patti

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by MaryAnn Merendino at Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 7:14 PM

Amazing photos Jen, breathtaking and lovely, just you your spirit. Try not to worry about what might not be a problem … you will do well at work as you have always done. You will be welcomed back and work will become normal and routine. If you don’t want to share news with so many colleagues, they will understand. General e-mails, pat answers, they work. Provincetown looks and sounds wonderful, and I’m glad you made it to Mystic! xoxo to you and Ange.

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