Originally Posted 10.24.2008 “so here is friday.”

tuesday, my last treatment was a very difficult day.. i seriously cried all day long..you can see the red eyes in the photo i just posted before treatment..then please also look at the photo of kathleen and mike, they were my radiation technicians whom i saw the entire 5 weeks, they are insanely smart and a great team..i cried when i was leaving them, gave them hugs and a little gift because they so deserved it, keeping me calm and smiling is a very difficult thing to do in the midst of all the clicking sounds of radidation..any ways..i realized that i was crying because i was mourning what i have been through..its so crazy to think that there were days where i didn’t get out of bed for days..and those 9 day stretches where i was so tired i couldn’t even leave the house..thinking of taking showers when my hair was falling out, trying to wash it over and over to get it all out..barely being able to eat .. my friends coming over to sit with me in case i needed anything..they are such painful memories, and i never want to forget them..these are the ones i also want all of you to really listen to..you know how im always talking about being healthy and eating right..and you just simply have to..please let my lesson be your guide to changing your own life..take baby steps..i know i sound like a broken record, but i also feel like there are many people i love that are still putting harmful things in their bodies, and i also know there are friends that haven’t yet had mammograms..it has been 8 months now, since this all started and it is time..stop smoking, eat right, go to the doctor..NOW!
i do love you…


Just wondering… (reply to this | Edit | Delete)
by Margaret Herring at Tuesday, November 4, 2008, 7:29 AM

how you are feeling today?

RE: Just wondering… (reply to this | Edit | Delete)
by Jennifer Merendino at Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 1:04 PM

I’m doing ok.. I’ve been away for a few days with my husband.. I’m so tired it’s ridiculous.. but I keep moving because they say it gets worse if you lay around..and Obama winning yesterday perked me up and makes me feel hopeful for our fragile earth.. thank you so much for checking in, you have no idea what this means to me..

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