Originally Posted 10.17.2008 “picture posted”

i just posted a picture of some girls from my group therapy..we were all commenting on our hair growth so we asked someone to take our picture..pretty powerful considering what all of us have been and are going through still..i go to this group every thursday and has been very important to me..it feels so good to be around people who really know how you feel, and can give you advice..

i have 3 radiation treatments left, 1 today, then monday and tuesday..my skin is very irritated and has started to “open up” as they call it, basically there is a part in my armpit where it looks like it has peeled, but its so raw..and my skin also itches so much its hard to even describe..anyways i see the doctor today to see how it is, so wish me luck, i really want to finish all 25 treatments, but ive heard they will stop you if its too bad..

lots of love!!

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