Originally Posted 10.10.2008 “hey girlfriend”

Just hanging out at home tonight and wondering how are you hanging in there….you are always in my thoughts and prayers. We set up our Halloween stuff this week, the kids are getting excited. Little Harlow keeps riding up and down the street on his scooter with a clown afro on his head. I remember the Halloweens before kids when we sat out on my porch drinking wine, eating popcorn and passing out candy to the kids in Parma. That was so long ago, but such a good memory for me. We dressed up Irie as a ballerina and my cat as a witch that year. I wanted to share it as a warm fuzzy with you. LOL- Patti

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by Jennifer Merendino at Saturday, October 11, 2008, 1:35 AM

oh patti, that is such a good memory for me too..I loved doing that. such a fun relaxing night! I often talk about ire and what a sweet dog he is.. he was like another friend to me.. and your sweet house. so perfect and tidy.. our friendship was so important then, and will carry on forever because of those days.thank you for my warm fuzzy

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