Originally Posted 10.1.2008 “If you didn’t get an email..PLEASE HELP!!”

I just heard this on the news this morning..We can all help researchers find a cure for this disease, but they need your help. The goal is to do testing on healthy women to see how breast cancer is developing. If you sign up through this site, they will alert you when a test is open in your area, to either give blood, or a urine sample. I’m asking you to please sign up and forward this on to any women you know to help. It is time to fight even harder to end this disease, and this gives you a chance to be a part of the end of breast cancer!!

Lots of Love,


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by Michelle Tolpa at Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 2:29 PM

thanks for this email jen and for keeping all of us posted! I signed up and passed it on to my friends and family. I hope today was better than yesterday. Its good that you keep reminding us that we are still needed. You are blossoming and its easy to think you are “fine” not realizing inside you are not. You are in thoughts always…I am sending you lots of love and kisses…


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