Originally Posted 5.3.2008 “May flowers”

I do love spring…in spite of the mud…you have to embrace the mud or the mud will bog u down..ha..i heard this guy on NPR once ranting for a good 5-10 minutes about spring and mud and how he would be a slave to mud if it weren’t for his Rubber Boots which he extolled the virtues of to the extent that i really thought he should just marry them..haha…anyway my favorite thing right now is our birds, we have a few feeding stations in our back yard and the diversity of ones that come together to eat are sooo cool, i just sit and watch endlessly. we have a family of cardinals- i think there are 5 total, a bluejay couple, a woodpecker and many more-me and my bird book are still researching…anyway just wanted to offer a little distraction, i’m mentally planting little kisses on your forhead and whispering magical healing words in your ear..love u Jen

by Jennifer Merendino at Sunday, May 4, 2008, 6:26 AM

you know what i would really love..is to go roll around in the mud…carelessly..no games involved..just laughter.ahhhhhh

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