Originally Posted 5.2.2008 “rainy outside…”

posted by Katie Chery

It’s a gray night, drizzling and cloudy, but in some ways this just accentuates Spring’s abundance of color and growth. I’m thinking of you on this second day of chemo. Wish I were there to take care of you like Laura did last time. I’d be there in a flash if it weren’t for Yonald Jr. How about a few more memories instead? Remember how hard we laughed on the train in Japan? And sledding in your yard and at Olenson’s? Remember the haunted houses Jeff and Pat used to make in the basement? Or the endless hours we’d spend on your amazing jungle gym? Gymnastics? You were the graceful one. More love bombs on the way. xoxoxo

by Jennifer Merendino at Saturday, May 3, 2008, 4:22 PM

we were so very mean to those poor old women on the train cursing in english because we knew they couldn’t understand..and my one of my very favorites were the seabreeze commercial, fantastic island and butts karate school..oh and we must not forget..attack of the killer tire..

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