Originally Posted 5.1.2008 “Wonder twin powers activate, form of”

posted by Katie Chery

…a love bomb! Okay, technically, I believe, one twin is supposed to become something made out of ice. I just Googled it; one twin could form anything out of water (including a functioning ice structure) and the other could become any animal. But the Super Friends would surely condone a love bomb, especially when the recipient is the amazing Jennifer! I’ll be thinking of you all day tomorrow and throughout the weekend and sending you cosmic love bombs.

P.S. Remember all the times we played store in your basement in that back room where the washing machine and dryer were? 🙂

i totally remember that because we had so many canned goods on the shelf..jam and beans..and then that huge freezer with all the meat and stuff..not sure if that ever came into play but im pretty sure it did… love you dearly wondertwin…

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