Originally posted 4.2.2008

posted by Aimee Merendino on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Edit <>
Hello there Sister…..Just wanted to let you know that you both are on my mind today. Wondering how you are and if it is nice there today. It is great here so I’ll be kicking everyone outside when they come home. We are now officially looking for a kitty to join our household. I bought a couple toys the other day and Ben and Noah are beside themselves. Of course, Noah is convinced we are getting a “blue one!” and Ben has a running list of names on the fridge. Which brings me to my question. David and I have never, ever owned a cat so i am praying that you guys can provide tips or answer any dumb questions that we may have? It may just give you a good laugh, who knows….I am sure it will be an adventure. My feeling is that we will have to keep Noah from trying to force feed it and Ben from smothering it!
Our cup runneth over Jen and Ange.
All our Love Aimee and David
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by Jennifer Merendino at Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 3:18 PM

we will always be here to answer cat questions..so excited to hear what you name you new kitty and to see its picture once it arrives..today it is very very pretty outside..which makes life so much easier..the dogwood tress have started to bloom which is

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