Originally Posted 3.13.2008 “Jenny’s surgery”

If there were a white elephant in the room that we were not emphasizing the enormity of, yes i do grasp the redundancy, that of which we were all not pointing at with mouths agape, has been exposed. We are now free to discuss, without the fear of jinxing anything, our Jenny’s first big (i’m sure to all of us felt bigger than 100 elephants) hurdle in her survivor …athalon. Wednesday, March 12, 2008’s initial surgery has reached it’s finish line and the judges’ score… an overwhelming Glass Half Full… the roar of the crowd is deafening… you know folks, to me it really looks like an undeniable… hit out of the park. I apalogize for my seemingly endless stream of metaphors but,and this is news for me too, apparently silly metaphors make me feel better. So in the spirit of not making me feel too selfish, lets all give a little giggle. and the journey (and the support and the prayers) go on

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